Think you might have hearing loss? You’ve come to the right place.

Hearing Loss Signs

If you think you may be experiencing hearing loss, take the following Hearing Self-Assessment or visit Precision Hearing Clinic in your area for a comprehensive hearing evaluation.



Do you sometimes missing some words while talking with someone, or need to ask others to repeat themselves?



Do you find it difficult to follow a conversation in noisy environment such as restaurant shopping mall, classroom or church?



Does your family think that you set the volume on your TV or radio too loud?



Do you sometimes have difficulty understanding speech on the telephone?

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Did you know

How do you know if you have a hearing loss?

Chances are, you will be the last to know. Most hearing loss happens so gradually that you may not realize that a hearing loss exists, until it becomes a big problem. The people around you will notice it first. As the hearing loss worsens, you may find yourself straining to hear conversations and becoming tired from the effort required to listen.

Over time, you may find yourself avoiding social situations and losing interest in activities that you once enjoyed. Fortunately, the situation can be greatly improved with hearing aids for most people with hearing loss. If you suspect you have a hearing loss, our best advice is don’t delay it and get your hearing tested today!